Signed Books

* Is the book personalized (Y), numbered (#), or neither (N)?

Abaddon’s GateJames S. A. CoreyB&N shelfN
Wrath of EmpireBrian McClellanB&N shelfN
The Queen of CrowsMyke ColeB&N shelfN
Uncompromising HonorDavid WeberB&N shelfN
Legion versus PhalanxMyke ColeECCCY
Assassin’s QuestRobin HobbECCCY
Royal AssassinRobin HobbECCCY
Assassin’s ApprenticeRobin HobbECCCY
The United States of JapanPeter TieryasECCCY
Mecha Samurai EmpirePeter TieryasECCCY
Sword of ShannaraTerry BrooksECCCY
The War on Normal PeopleAndrew YangOnlineY
SkywardBrandon SandersonSigningY
Hero of Ages (Leatherbound)Brandon SandersonOnlineY
Well of Ascension (Leatherbound)Brandon SandersonOnlineY
The Final Empire (Leatherbound)Brandon SandersonOnlineY
Assassin’s FateRobin HobbECCCY
Elantris (Leatherbound)Brandon SandersonECCCY
OathbringerBrandon SandersonECCCY
The Name of the WindPatrick RothfusECCCY
The Bands of MourningBrandon SandersonOnline#
The Way of KingsBrandon SandersonOnlineY
Speaker for the DeadOrson Scott CardConstellationY
High JusticeJerry PournelleConstellationN
Heirs of EmpireDavid WeberConstellationN
Well of AscensionBrandon SandersonOnlineY
Images of America: HuntsvilleJohn KvachUAHY
The Financial Crisis and the Free Market CureJohn AllisonUAHY