This is a list of adages that I use from time to time. Most of them are mine, though may have been inspired from other sources.

“Don’t sell out until you’ve been paid generously.”

This is in particular relevant for writers — don’t compromise your art’s value until someone actually pays you to do it. When done prematurely, it may just ruin the piece. If an editor who is going to publish your work asks you to make a change so that it will sell better, sure. If someone on a forum tells you that you will be more likely to publish your piece if you make the protagonist a 16 year old farm boy, then no, sorry, go away.

“The resources allocated to solve a problem will be used in full.”

This is a more general variant of Parkinson’s Law that applies to all time, budgets, and other resources.

“Bend the system but don’t try to break it.”

Processes usually exist for a reason. Don’t consider them holy, give them a little push to see if they have any give to them. Any exceptions. But don’t try to break them unless you know what you’re doing.

“Everything is my responsibility”

I have no control over the actions of others. Therefore, if I want something to change, I must act. I recommend others take on this attitude too, but I phrase it as “my” responsibility rather than “your,” because I have no control over whether anyone else has this attotude.